Happy 2016

Okay… Our few Facebook posts from this year keep announcing that we will have exciting news soon…. “So, where’s that news?” you ask.
Some of the “news” included:
•We thought we’d have another CD completed in the near future. That didn’t happen. We hope this is the year.
•We DID finally complete “Jesus Is My Rock”, and are putting a Press Kit together. Our Recording Engineer, Mikey Cirelli, is very enthusiastic about the promise of this song.
•It’s also time to pull out some of our oldies, such as “We Are Remembered”,
send them off to publishers, and dream our dreams once again.
•My book, “Abby, Baby”, was moved through the ranks of a publishing company, but the editor who was recommending it for publishing left the company, haha. That journey was exciting for a period of time. Jerry’s song,”One Heart One Life”, will be attached to my book.
•Another small book is ready, and I’m looking forward to giving that a try with the publishers.

Sooooo…. That’s some of our Jerry & Sandi news. Please pray for us as we try to reach these goals, these dreams.
And please pray that we will GLORIFY GOD in all we say and do.

If you would EVER like us to pray for YOU, don’t hesitate to drop us a message with your request.

Happy New Year!

2014 has seen 20 days already pass.  Our prayer is that peace, hope and joy will abide in your hearts, and wonderful surprises await you this year!

We did not finish our CD in time for Christmas, BUT we are working on it!  Noah has some great ideas, and wants us to rerecord a bit of it.  

Jerry continues to write some new, inspired and exciting songs.  We are currently learning one entitled The Purpose.  I can’t wait for the world to hear it!

God Bless!


Autumn Wedding

It’s wedding week in the Rectenwald household.  Cory is marrying his precious, high school sweetheart, Sara, or “Miss Sara”, as I fondly call her.  He has loved her since he was 15 and she 14.  They will exchange vows at the First United Methodist Church of Ellwood City at 4:30. 

Life is good!

Noah is opening a music school at 429 Lawrence Ave. EC.  Please spread the word!  He will give lessons on a multitude of instruments.

Believe it or not, Jerry and I might actually complete our next CD in time for Christmas – maybe! We hope!

God Bless All of You!!!


As of July 23rd, our precious Lori Teh is now 16 years old.  She is starting to drive…. Help!

My Mom spent her first birthday in Heaven.  She was 90 on the 24th. Jerry & I had the honor of performing at a retreat at Olmstead Manor in Ludlow on the day of my Mom’s birthday. Olmstead is an amazing place which should be added onto everyone’s Bucket List.

Preparations are underway for the nuptials of Cory & Sara on September 28th.  We are so thrilled that our baby boy will be marrying his high school sweetheart, Miss Sara, as I love to call her.

Noah is home from Den Haag, and now has his Master’s of Music Composition.  He is searching for work as a church organist, music arranger, composer, etc., and is very capable of providing individualized instruction on many instruments.

Just a few tidbits of our life at the present.  We have our ups and downs, but we are fine and God is Great!!!

Retreat and Renew

God is great!  This past weekend, Jerry and I were honored to be retreat leaders for the women of the Hempfield United Methodist Church in Lancaster, PA, http://www.hempfieldumc.com.  The retreat was held at the beautiful Black Rock Retreat Center, http://www.blackrockretreat.com, right in the heart of Amish Country.  Out for a hike, we even had an Amish boy, who was out plowing the adjacent field with his plow and team of six amazing horses, stop right beside us for a chat.  That was fun!

Though we were the retreat leaders, we might have left more fulfilled than the ladies who we, with God’s help, were leading.  It was an amazing weekend full of God’s goodness.  He revealed Himself to us in huge ways, over and over again.  I wish I had made a list of all of the God Things – Carol, what do you call them? – that began weeks before we even arrived.

Jerry was the only guy in the group, and I know he didn’t regret it at all 🙂  We made so many new, Christian friends, and we look forward to praying for them daily.  We hope to be reunited with them again in the not-so-distant future.

Janet Taylor

Janet telling how We Are Remembered began. Her three precious teenagers: Billy, Robin & Brian, all lost their lives in a car accident. Very profound video!

Feel free to share!

Constant For You

Constant For You was written by Jerry for ME (Sandi)! We have sung it at many, many weddings, and multiple events!

We Are Remembered

We Are Remembered was written for the Grief Support Group of the same name in the Pittsburgh Diocese. It was written in memory of Billy, Robin, and Brian, Jerry’s niece and nephews, who were killed in a tragic car accident….It has reached many people, and we pray that God will continue to use it for His work.

One Heart One Life

In honor of our precious Abby’s 20th Birthday today, we are sharing this with the world!  Please click on the name of the song to watch the video!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to the World!  I resolve to update our site more often in 2013!  This morning we were all together, minus my precious Mom, the unsinkable Molly Brown, who went to Heaven on August 6th, and Noah, who Skyped with us from Den Haag.  He is cooking with friends who are also stuck in graduate school, far away from family, unable to celebrate Christmas with them.  The students will celebrate together.  Skyping is a blessing… I wish I could Skype with my Mom…..She is now buddies with Jesus, and has all-knowledge of what we can only try to fathom… Pretty cool!

We were part of an amazing Christmas Eve service last night, partly composed by Jerry, and also by Jeff Wiley, and Rick Hudson.  Amazing talent in our own little community!

We look forward to new musical adventures this year.  We have a number of exciting things in the works, and will try to keep you posted on a regular basis.

God Bless You All!Merry Christmas!