We Are Remembered

We Are Remembered was written for the Grief Support Group of the same name in the Pittsburgh Diocese. It was written in memory of Billy, Robin, and Brian, Jerry’s niece and nephews, who were killed in a tragic car accident….It has reached many people, and we pray that God will continue to use it for His work.


One Heart One Life

In honor of our precious Abby’s 20th Birthday today, we are sharing this with the world!  Please click on the name of the song to watch the video!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to the World!  I resolve to update our site more often in 2013!  This morning we were all together, minus my precious Mom, the unsinkable Molly Brown, who went to Heaven on August 6th, and Noah, who Skyped with us from Den Haag.  He is cooking with friends who are also stuck in graduate school, far away from family, unable to celebrate Christmas with them.  The students will celebrate together.  Skyping is a blessing… I wish I could Skype with my Mom…..She is now buddies with Jesus, and has all-knowledge of what we can only try to fathom… Pretty cool!

We were part of an amazing Christmas Eve service last night, partly composed by Jerry, and also by Jeff Wiley, and Rick Hudson.  Amazing talent in our own little community!

We look forward to new musical adventures this year.  We have a number of exciting things in the works, and will try to keep you posted on a regular basis.

God Bless You All!Merry Christmas!

April 24, 1993 was beautiful.  The trilliums were blooming as they are today, and Spring brought hope. You are 19, but it feels like 1993 was yesterday.  We still feel you near, and look forward to being with you again.   I will never forget you, my daughter.

I love you!


My Mom & I

Tomorrow it will be my honor to be the speaker for a MOPS group in Zelienople.  I was asked to speak about how to prepare a Preschooler for Kindergarten.  I plan to talk about the practical aspects, and the academic.  A couple of hours ago, I felt inspired to write about the emotional.  After I introduce myself, I will read this to them.

The car door opens.

I think I’m ready to let go.

I hesitate as I wait for her to get out, the fear of “big school” in her eyes.

She knows what to expect; we went to registration together.

But the summer went too fast; the age from one to five.

Does she realize how it will feel, to no longer hold my hand,

In the middle of the day;

To dry her tears when she cries about the unknown?

Will she make a craft, or read a story, or eat cookies,

Without me by her side?

It will be okay.

We are Best Friends.

I take her hand as I say goodbye.

And reach UP to hug her neck.

My Mom and I.

c 2012

Wow, it’s been awhile – from Sandi!  We haven’t forgotten our site, or our music ministry!  In fact, we have been super busy with the music!  We had lots of Christmas events, and I have a bunch of musicals lined up to play for this Spring!   We are also bound and determined to get our new CD finished.  The guitar-work is complete, and Noah is working on some cello parts for us.  We also have Noah on piano for some of the tunes, and I plan to sing a song all by myself 🙂  Many of our loyal fans complained that I wasn’t featured enough on the first CD.  I love harmonizing with Jerry, but I would like to be featured on a song this time. Enough of my ramblings.  I resolve, this new 2012, to keep this website alive and well.  Happy New Year everyone!

I felt inspired to write and post this on Facebook today.  Here goes:

The ideal home, work and church situation is: Instead of talking about how others aren’t doing their job, and casting blame on the other guy, how about offering to lend a hand. Leave your comfort zone this year. Take a new look at those you cast blame on. Give them a helping hand. Imagine how amazing you will feel. Imagine how your home will glow, your work will improve, and your church will radiate with the love of Jesus! I have been weak and heavy-laden, and I am going to resolve to weekly, reach out to someone new, with the prayer that it will be a renewing of my own spirit. I hope I fulfill my resolution.

Going on a Christian Retreat is a sure way of catching the sensation of life in Heaven, and it’s especially so when that Retreat has been experienced at Jumonville.  If you have never been to Jumonville, walked or driven to the cross on the mountaintop, you must add it to your bucket list.  Being on a Christian Retreat is a moment where you’d like to stop time, and just exist for the experience.  Every pore of your body is at peace, and your spirit is being revived.  You want the comfort of the loving folks in your presence to continue for always, for the crowd to not disperse.  It’s one of those precious days in your life where you could live it over and over again. 

Jerry and I once again had the honor and privilege to be the worship music leaders for the Kittanning United Methodist Church’s Jumonville Retreat this past weekend.  We were enriched by the teachings of Dr.Ron Shafer, enveloped in the love of our friends from that church, and inspired by Dr. Allyn Ricketts, the pastor.  We didn’t want to leave the peace, but at 6:45 Sunday morning, we drove back down the mountain to the PA turnpike, and took it back to Ellwood City, to our own First United Methodist Church, where God is moving in wonderful and exciting ways, and we are honored and privileged to be a part of IT!